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An exclusive designer brand formed to inspire a generation and see the truth.

About Us

Biblical is formed on the basis of faith. When the founder felt his life spiralling out of control, he found salvation in God and Christianity. Since then, he hasn't looked back at his old life and is constantly working towards the future and share the path of enlightenment with others. The founder felt a huge need to try and inspire a generation to not live the way we are taught and think it is ok. Knife crime is not cool, drugs are not cool, taking life and the way we live in the modern day for granted is not cool. Enter, Biblical!  

Biblical is designed to inspire and empower those who wear it, to find their own truth, spirituality, identity, direction and self-worth. 

Biblical also contribute to worldwide causes, donating 5% of profit to charity who provides clothes, shoes and medicine to children in need.

All secrets are hidden in dark places, dark tunnels; do not allow the darkness to control you. 

How do we work?

Biblical Threads is an exclusive designer menswear brand, founded in Manchester, UK. Exclusive being the main word, our drops are not scheduled and can happen at any time, adding to the limited and must-have aspect of our items.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts for hints on launch dates and new drops.


Quality garments designed in the UK!

We are continuously striving to make the best possible product, we never settle and are constantly searching for the best materials to bring our designs to life. Our jerseys are made in Portugal by one of the best manufacturers in the country, they also work with prestigious brands including Moschino and Zara.

We are environmentally conscious and believe by spending a little bit more on your clothing, you are less likely to throw it away, as you will experience quality materials that will last throughout the seasons. Fast-fashion is becoming an increasing problem and the UK fast-fashion market contributes to huge water consumption, pollution and large amounts of waste, which goes hand in hand with climate change. 
We are moving away from the attitude of 'outfit repeater' and our generation seeing worn items as 'old' or 'out of season' - this attitude to clothing has become a huge issue. We believe that by investing in quality garments which you are able to wear throughout the year, you are less likely to buy into the 'fast-fashion' ethos and thus, help the environment. 
Additionally, 5% of our profit goes to a charity which helps children in poverty and provides them with food, water and clean clothes. 
 Believe in the B.