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Meet the Influencers: Kris Donnelly

Posted on September 08 2019

Meet the Influencers: Kris Donnelly

Biblical, the badge of honour, the battle scar that celebrates you coming through the other side and facing your fears.

My favourite pieces from the virtues collection are:

The modern reflection hoodie- you can tell the design team have focused on the fit of the hoodie along with the quality of the materials used. It really does give it a luxury feel.

The black mercy tee is also a favourite of mine as I’m a huge fan of the sketch on the back and the oversized fit gives you a sense of freedom and comfort.

For me biblical is more than a badge or a logo or a brand, it’s acknowledgment that you have been on a journey and have survived. 

I, like everyone else have had my share of ups and downs, it just so happens to have coincided with me meeting the owner of this brand and working with him to raise brand awareness and spread a positive message.


The whole ethos behind the Biblical resonates with me, not because it’s about a religion because I’m not religious at all! ... but because it’s about faith and self belief. Faith is something that I feel we all need to have in order to improve our lives. we can’t dwell on negative things that have happened to us or wish we could change the past, we have to forgive those who have done us wrong and forgive ourselves for wronging others. We cannot allow ourselves to become victims, instead we must use what we have gone through to positively impact our future and the future of those people around us. 

Thank those loved ones and true friends that stuck by us and saw us through the dark days and enjoy celebrating coming through adversity with them.., you don’t need anyone else.

I’m not saying that by wearing the brand makes you a better person in any way, shape or for but what I am stating is that I am proud to wear the badge as it reminds me to keep the faith and continue to better myself in all aspects of my life.... its just a bonus that it just so happens to be top nice gear aswell!!

Hope you like the collection.
Donners x